Motorcycle safety tips for Virginia riders

Motorcycle riders in Virginia will do well to learn a few safety tips to help them better enjoy the warmer temperatures without incident.

Winter is melting away, which means that motorcycle riders will soon take to the Virginia roads. If you will be among their ranks, it is vital that you learn and brush up on safety tips to better prevent a personal injury caused by a motorcycle accident. No matter if you have been riding for 10 years or 10 weeks, reading safety tips can go a long way in saving your life while you enjoy the open road and warmer temperatures.

Wear the right gear

Even though temperatures are starting to get warmer, motorcycle riders still need to wear proper riding gear, which might make them a bit warmer than they like. Boots, riding pants, a reinforced jacket and either glasses or goggles are a must. While few things are more freeing than riding on a motorcycle through the open air, riding in nothing but jeans and a t-shirt will not do much to protect you if you are involved in an accident with a car or truck.

Recognize and respect your limits

Both drivers and motorcycle riders should know and respect their respective limits. For riders, this means they should have a motorcycle that matches their current skill level and only ride on routes they can navigate with ease. With time, you can upgrade your bike and your routes, but do so gradually. Trying something you are not quite ready for could result in a preventable accident.

Ride with people you know and trust

Bikers who ride in groups should be familiar with the people they are riding with. While riding with strangers is not completely out of the question, you should let them know your current skill level and the types of routes you like to take and are familiar with. Riding with others can be quite enjoyable, but it should be relaxing as well rather than tense.

Look your bike over before every ride

Before heading out on your motorcycle, give it a good visual inspection as you are slipping into your gear. Specifically, you should check out your tire pressure, lights and mirrors. A quick look might be all you need to spot a potential safety hazard. Additionally, it is a great idea to keep up with bike maintenance, much like you would with car maintenance. Not only is regular maintenance good for safety, it can give you as many miles as possible on your bike as well.

While you can take steps to ensure you are a better and safer rider, there is no accounting for others on Virginia roads. If you are ever injured in an accident you feel is someone else's fault, get in touch with an attorney to know your rights and legal options.